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Student award session (Wednesday PM)

Temporal integration of auditory stimulation and binocular disparity signals
Marina Zannoli, John Cass, David Alais, Pascal Mamassian

Poster (Monday)

Selective adaptation for temporal information:Evidence from the classification of visual Ternus apparent motion
Huihui Zhang, Lihan Chen, Xiaolin Zhou
Multi-Sensory-Motor Research: Investigating Auditory, Visual and Motor Interaction in Virtual Reality Environments
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Tim Hantel, Christoph Zetzsche, Kerstin Schill

Poster (Tuesday)

Sensory Dominance Depends on Locus of Attentional Selection: Cross-modal Distraction at Different Levels of Information Processing
Qi Chen, Ming Zhang, Xiaolin Zhou
Influence of auditory stimulation on visual action perception
Matthias Bischoff, Britta Lorey, Sebastian Pilgramm, Karen Zentgraf, Rudolf Stark, Dieter Vaitl, Jörn Munzert

Poster (Wednesday)

Multisensory illusions and the temporal binding window
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Raquel K. Zemtsov, Mark T. Wallace
Spatial Alignment of the Senses: The Role of Audition in Eye-Hand-Coordination
Thorsten Kluss, Niclas Schult, Kerstin Schill, Christoph Zetzsche, Manfred Fahle