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Symposium: Multi-sensory integration, sensory substitution technology and visual rehabilitation (Monday AM)

Evolving the ideal visual-to-auditory sensory substitution device using interactive genetic algorithms.
Thomas David Wright, Graham McAllister, Jamie Ward

Symposium: Audiovisual integration: How early does it occur ? (Tuesday PM)

Implicit and Explicit Auditory Modulation on Perceptual Decision in Vision
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe

Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Transferrable Learning of Multisensory Cues in Flight Simulation
Georg F Meyer, Li Wong, Emma Timson, Philip Perfect, Mark White
Multi-modal inference in animacy perception for artificial object
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe

Talk session 2 (Tuesday AM)

Efficient cross-modal transfer of shape information in visual and haptic object categorization
Nina Gaissert, Steffen Waterkamp, Loes van Dam, Heinrich Buelthoff, Christian Wallraven

Talk session 3 (Wednesday AM)

Ensemble coding in audition
Elise Piazza, Timothy Sweeny, David Wessel, David Whitney

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

Crossmodal transfer of object information in human echolocation
Santani Teng, Amrita Puri, David Whitney
Evidence for a mechanism encoding audiovisual spatial separation
Emily Orchard-Mills, Johahn Leung, Maria Concetta Morrone, David Burr, Ella Wufong, Simon Carlile, David Alais

Poster (Monday)

Leslie Dowell Kwakye, Brittany C Schneider, Mark T Wallace
The multisensory temporal binding window: Perceptual fusion, training, and autism
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Mark T. Wallace
Individual differences on the McGurk effect : An Examination with the Autism trait and Schizotypal Personality.
YUTA UJIIE, Tomohisa Asai, Akihiro Tanaka, Kaori Asakawa, Akio Wakabayashi
Different Neural Networks Are Involved in Cross-modal Non-spatial Inhibition of Return (IOR): The effect of the Sensory Modality of Behavioral Targets
Qi Chen, Lihui Wang
Theoretical model comparison in cross-modal sensory substitution
Tzu-Chun Chen, Mu-Yun Wang

Poster (Tuesday)

Interaction between space and effectiveness in multisensory integration: behavioral and perceptual measures
Aaron R Nidiffer, Ryan A Stevenson, Juliane Krueger-Fister, Zachary P Barnett, Mark T Wallace
Multisensory interactions across spatial location and temporal synchrony
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Juliane Krueger Fister, Zachary P. Barnett, Aaron R. Nidiffer, Mark T. Wallace
A fundamental study on influence of concurrently presented visual stimulus upon loudness perception
koji abe, shota tsujimura, shouichi takane, kanji watanabe, sojun sato
Crossmodal contextual effects of tactile flankers on the detection of visual targets
Yuichi Wada
Cross-modal learning between visual and vibration signals in zebrafish Danio rerio
Mu-Yun Wang, Lars Chittka
Visual-haptic integration: cue weights are varied appropriately, to account for changes in haptic reliability introduced by using a tool.
Chie Takahashi, Simon J Watt
Effects of different types of 3D rest frames on reducing cybersickness in a virtual environment
KyungHun HAN, ChangHoon Park, EungSuk Kim, DaeGuen Kim, SungHo Woo, JiWoon Jeong, InJae Hwang, HyunTaek Kim

Poster (Wednesday)

Multisensory illusions and the temporal binding window
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Raquel K. Zemtsov, Mark T. Wallace
Dynamics of multi sensory tracking.
johahn leung, Vincent Wei, Simon Carlile
Unimodal and multi-modal perception of cellular phones: a multidimensional scaling study
Yusuke Yamani, Hyun Woo, Jason S. McCarley, Deana C. McDonagh
Infant visual preference to strawberry enhanced by in-season odor
Yuji Wada, Yuna Inada, Jiale Yang, Satomi Kunieda, Tomohiro Masuda, Atsushi Kimura, So Kanazawa, Masami Kanazawa Yamaguchi