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Symposium: Multi-sensory integration, sensory substitution technology and visual rehabilitation (Monday AM)

Preserved Functional Specialization in Sensory Substitution of the Early Blind
Josef P. Rauschecker, Laurent Renier, Paula Plaza, Anne DeVolder

Symposium: Multisensory integration from neurons to behavior; bridging the gap via computational models (Monday PM)

Modeling the temporal profile of multisensory integration
Benjamin A. Rowland, Terrence R. Stanford, Barry E. Stein
A computational model of the SC multisensory neurons: integrative capabilities, maturation and plasticity
Cristiano Cuppini, Mauro Ursino, Elisa Magosso, Benjamin A. Rowland, Barry E. Stein

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

A ventral visual stream reading center independent of sensory modality and visual experience
LIOR REICH, Ella Striem-Amit, Marcin Szwed, Ornella Dakwar, Miri Guendelman, Laurent Cohen, Amir Amedi

Poster (Monday)

Influence of auditory and haptic stimulation in visual perception
Shunichi Kawabata, Takuro Kawabata, Masafumi Yamada, Seika Yanagida, Atsuo Nuruki, Kazutomo Yunokuchi, John Rothwell
An experiment of soft metrology about the influence of visual and auditory disturbing factors on human performance
Laura Rossi, Alessandro Schiavi, Paola Iacomussi, Giuseppe Rossi, Arianna Astolfi

Poster (Tuesday)

Localisation of moving audio-visual objects in free-field
Kristina Schmiedchen, Nicole Richter, Claudia Freigang, Ines Nitsche, Rudolf Rübsamen
Red is no warmer than blue: A challenge to the semantic coding hypothesis
George Van Doorn, Mark Symmons, Barry Richardson

Poster (Wednesday)

Dissociation between olfactory and auditory-verbal processing in the occipital cortex of early blind subjects.
Laurent A Renier, Isabel Cuevas, Paula Plaza, Laurence Dricot, Elodie Lerens, Cécile B Grandin, Philippe Rombaux, Anne G De Volder