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Symposium: Multi-sensory integration, sensory substitution technology and visual rehabilitation (Monday AM)

Crossmodal perceptual learning and sensory substitution
Michael J Proulx
Cross-modal brain plasticity in congenital blindness: lessons from the tongue display unit
ron kupers, Maurice Ptito
Preserved Functional Specialization in Sensory Substitution of the Early Blind
Josef P. Rauschecker, Laurent Renier, Paula Plaza, Anne DeVolder

Symposium: Audiovisual integration: How early does it occur ? (Tuesday PM)

Audiovisual capture with ambiguous audiovisual stimuli
Jean-Michel Hupé, Daniel Pressnitzer

Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Enhanced visual abilities in prelingual but not postlingual cochlear implant recipients
Elena Nava, Francesco Pavani
Transferrable Learning of Multisensory Cues in Flight Simulation
Georg F Meyer, Li Wong, Emma Timson, Philip Perfect, Mark White

Talk session 2 (Tuesday AM)

Head displacement shifts the perceived location of touches in opposite directions depending on the task
Lisa M Pritchett, Michael J Carnevale, Laurence R Harris

Talk session 3 (Wednesday AM)

Crossmodal correspondences
Charles Spence, Cesare Parise, Ophelia Deroy
Ensemble coding in audition
Elise Piazza, Timothy Sweeny, David Wessel, David Whitney

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

Crossmodal transfer of object information in human echolocation
Santani Teng, Amrita Puri, David Whitney
What is sensory about multi-sensory enhancement of vision by sounds?
Alexis Pérez-Bellido, Salvador Soto-Faraco, Joan López-Moliner
Multisensory integration: When correlation implies causation
Cesare Valerio Parise, Vanessa Harrar, Charles Spence, Marc Ernst

Poster (Monday)

Digging up von Békésy: Funneling of touches around the body
Lisa Marie Pritchett, Laurence R Harris
Rapid auditory system adaptation using a virtual auditory environment
Gaëtan Parseihian, Brian FG Katz

Poster (Tuesday)

Influence of auditory stimulation on visual action perception
Matthias Bischoff, Britta Lorey, Sebastian Pilgramm, Karen Zentgraf, Rudolf Stark, Dieter Vaitl, Jörn Munzert
Visual target localization, the effect of allocentric audiovisual reference frame
David Hartnagel, Julien Chataignier, Lionel Pellieux, Patrick M.B. Sandor
Effects of different types of 3D rest frames on reducing cybersickness in a virtual environment
KyungHun HAN, ChangHoon Park, EungSuk Kim, DaeGuen Kim, SungHo Woo, JiWoon Jeong, InJae Hwang, HyunTaek Kim

Poster (Wednesday)

Dissociation between olfactory and auditory-verbal processing in the occipital cortex of early blind subjects.
Laurent A Renier, Isabel Cuevas, Paula Plaza, Laurence Dricot, Elodie Lerens, Cécile B Grandin, Philippe Rombaux, Anne G De Volder