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Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Crossmodal compensation during face-voice integration in cochlear implanted deaf patients.
Laure Chambaudie, Pascal Belin, Thibault Briere, Chris James, olivier Deguine, Pascal Barone

Poster (Tuesday)

Tactile detection threshold is changed according to temporal synchrony with visual stimulus.
Yumi Ju, Kyoung-Min Lee
Effects of different types of 3D rest frames on reducing cybersickness in a virtual environment
KyungHun HAN, ChangHoon Park, EungSuk Kim, DaeGuen Kim, SungHo Woo, JiWoon Jeong, InJae Hwang, HyunTaek Kim

Poster (Wednesday)

Purposeful goal-directed movements give rise to higher tactile discrimination performance
Georgiana Juravle, Charles Spence
Similarities in affective processing and aesthetic preference of visual, auditory and gustatory stimuli
Dragan Jankovic, Jasmina Stevanov