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Symposium: Multisensory integration from neurons to behavior; bridging the gap via computational models (Monday PM)

A computational model of the SC multisensory neurons: integrative capabilities, maturation and plasticity
Cristiano Cuppini, Mauro Ursino, Elisa Magosso, Benjamin A. Rowland, Barry E. Stein
Optimal time windows of integration
Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich
Modeling multisensory integration across different experimental paradigms
Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius

Symposium: The influences of Multisensory Integration and Attention on Each Other (Thursday AM)

The temporal window of multisensory integration under competing circumstances
Erik Van der Burg, John Cass, David Alais, Jan Theeuwes

Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Crossmodal compensation during face-voice integration in cochlear implanted deaf patients.
Laure Chambaudie, Pascal Belin, Thibault Briere, Chris James, olivier Deguine, Pascal Barone

Talk session 2 (Tuesday AM)

Head displacement shifts the perceived location of touches in opposite directions depending on the task
Lisa M Pritchett, Michael J Carnevale, Laurence R Harris

Talk session 4 (Thursday AM)

A Case of Phantom Synchiric Percepts in Touch and Vision
Jared Medina, Daniel E. Drebing, Roy H. Hamilton, H. Branch Coslett

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

A multi-sensory illusion: Hong Kong Peak Tram Illusion (II) – Subjective Vertical
Hiu Mei Chow, Ping-Hui Chiu, Chia-huei Tseng, Lothar Spillmann
A ventral visual stream reading center independent of sensory modality and visual experience
LIOR REICH, Ella Striem-Amit, Marcin Szwed, Ornella Dakwar, Miri Guendelman, Laurent Cohen, Amir Amedi
Temporal integration of auditory stimulation and binocular disparity signals
Marina Zannoli, John Cass, David Alais, Pascal Mamassian
Evidence for a mechanism encoding audiovisual spatial separation
Emily Orchard-Mills, Johahn Leung, Maria Concetta Morrone, David Burr, Ella Wufong, Simon Carlile, David Alais
Crossmodal semantic constraints on visual perception of binocular rivalry
Yi-Chuan Chen, Su-Ling Yeh, Charles Spence

Poster (Monday)

Selective adaptation for temporal information:Evidence from the classification of visual Ternus apparent motion
Huihui Zhang, Lihan Chen, Xiaolin Zhou
Multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adults
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther
A basic study on P300 event-related potentials evoked by simultaneous presentation of visual and auditory stimuli for the communication interface.
Masami Hashimoto, Makoto Chishima, Kazunori Itoh, Mizue Kayama, Makoto Otani, Yoshiaki Arai
Different Neural Networks Are Involved in Cross-modal Non-spatial Inhibition of Return (IOR): The effect of the Sensory Modality of Behavioral Targets
Qi Chen, Lihui Wang
Theoretical model comparison in cross-modal sensory substitution
Tzu-Chun Chen, Mu-Yun Wang
See you, feel me: Watching tactile events on an actor’s body modifies subjective sensation of tactile events on one’s own body.
Richard Thomas, Daniel Curran
Basic research for development of a communication support device using air-conducted sound localization
The Triadic Mechanisms Underlying Higher Cognition
Norman D Cook

Poster (Tuesday)

Sensory Dominance Depends on Locus of Attentional Selection: Cross-modal Distraction at Different Levels of Information Processing
Qi Chen, Ming Zhang, Xiaolin Zhou
Retroactive Adjustement of Perceived Time
Maria Chait
Audiovisual interaction in time perception
Kuan-Ming Chen, Su-Ling Yeh
Visual target localization, the effect of allocentric audiovisual reference frame
David Hartnagel, Julien Chataignier, Lionel Pellieux, Patrick M.B. Sandor
Cross-modal learning between visual and vibration signals in zebrafish Danio rerio
Mu-Yun Wang, Lars Chittka
Somatotopic representation of visual stimuli – Evidence from the Simon effect
Jared Medina, Michael P. Greenberg, H. Branch Coslett, Roy H. Hamilton
Plasticity in body and space representations after amputation and prosthesis implantation
Elisa Canzoneri, Elisa Magosso, Amedeo Amoresano, Andrea Serino
Riding a motorcycle simulator: how do visual and non-visual cues contribute to the illusion of leaning in a bend.
Virginie Dagonneau, Régis Lobjois, Stéphane Caro, Amit Shahar, Isabelle Israël
Neural correlates of realistic and unrealistic auditory space perception
Akiko Callan, Hiroshi Ando
Sound localization in the coexistence of visually induced self-motion and vestibular information
Hideaki TERASHIMA, Zhenglie CUI, Shuichi SAKAMOTO, Yukio IWAYA, Yoiti SUZUKI

Poster (Wednesday)

Dynamics of multi sensory tracking.
johahn leung, Vincent Wei, Simon Carlile
Dissociating attention and audiovisual integration in the sound-facilitatory effect on metacontrast masking
Yi-Chia Chen, Su-Ling Yeh
Interplay of multisensory processing, attention, and consciousness as revealed by bistable figures
Su-Ling Yeh, Jhih-Yun Hsiao, Yi-Chuan Chen, Charles Spence
Spatial and semantic processing between audition and vision: an event-related potential study
Xiaoxi Chen, Zhenzhu Yue, Dingguo Gao
Synchronous Sounds Enhance Visual Sensitivity without Reducing Target Uncertainty
Yi-Chuan Chen, Pi-Chun Huang, Su-Ling Yeh, Charles Spence
Immature multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adolescents.
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther
Extended peripersonal space in professional fencers
Andrea Serino, Elisa Canzoneri, Fabrizio Leo, Camilla Furetta, Elisabetta Làdavas
Action-induced rubber hand illusion
Pao-Chou Cho, Timothy Lane, Su-Ling Yeh
The effects of body action and attentive anticipation on oculomotor fixation stability
Hyosun Choi, Kyoung-Min Lee
Dissociation between olfactory and auditory-verbal processing in the occipital cortex of early blind subjects.
Laurent A Renier, Isabel Cuevas, Paula Plaza, Laurence Dricot, Elodie Lerens, Cécile B Grandin, Philippe Rombaux, Anne G De Volder