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Symposium: Audiovisual integration: How early does it occur ? (Tuesday PM)

What you see is what you just heard: The effect of temporal rate adaptation on human intersensory perception
Carmel Levitan, Yih-Hsin Alison Ban, Shinsuke Shimojo

Symposium: Effects of proprioceptive and vestibular processing on visual perception (Wednesday AM)

The stream/bounce effect with manual control of moving disks
Philip M Grove, Micah Bernoff, Kenzo Sakurai

Talk session 1 (Monday AM)

Crossmodal compensation during face-voice integration in cochlear implanted deaf patients.
Laure Chambaudie, Pascal Belin, Thibault Briere, Chris James, olivier Deguine, Pascal Barone

Talk session 2 (Tuesday AM)

Efficient cross-modal transfer of shape information in visual and haptic object categorization
Nina Gaissert, Steffen Waterkamp, Loes van Dam, Heinrich Buelthoff, Christian Wallraven

Talk session 3 (Wednesday AM)

Oscillatory neural synchronization can predict intensity-dependent enhancement: A bridge between sensory binding theory and multisensory integration.
Vincent A Billock, Brian H. Tsou

Talk session 4 (Thursday AM)

Musical sight-reading expertise: cross modality investigations
Veronique Drai-Zerbib, Thierry Baccino

Student award session (Wednesday PM)

Evidence for a mechanism encoding audiovisual spatial separation
Emily Orchard-Mills, Johahn Leung, Maria Concetta Morrone, David Burr, Ella Wufong, Simon Carlile, David Alais

Poster (Monday)

Multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adults
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther
Contribution of Prosody in Audio-visual Integration to Emotional Perception of Virtual Characters
Ekaterina Volkova, Betty Mohler, Sally Linkenauger, Ivelina Alexandrova, Heinrich H. Bülthoff
Audiovisual Modulation of Attention Towards Fearful Stimuli
Martijn Balsters, Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts, Ad Vingerhoets
Audio-visual integration of emotional information
Penny Bergman, Daniel Västfjäll, Ana Tajadura-Jiménez

Poster (Tuesday)

Interaction between space and effectiveness in multisensory integration: behavioral and perceptual measures
Aaron R Nidiffer, Ryan A Stevenson, Juliane Krueger-Fister, Zachary P Barnett, Mark T Wallace
Multisensory interactions across spatial location and temporal synchrony
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Juliane Krueger Fister, Zachary P. Barnett, Aaron R. Nidiffer, Mark T. Wallace
Temporal aspects of sound induced visual fission and fusion in the double-flash illusion paradigm.
Lars T Boenke, Richard Höchenberger, Frank W. Ohl, David Alais
Influence of auditory stimulation on visual action perception
Matthias Bischoff, Britta Lorey, Sebastian Pilgramm, Karen Zentgraf, Rudolf Stark, Dieter Vaitl, Jörn Munzert
How auditory information influences volitional control in binocular rivalry: Modulation of a top-down attentional effect
Manuel Vidal, Victor Barrès
Basic study on the visual-haptic system to give a sense of shape using pseudo-haptic effects
Yuki Ban
Eye muscle proprioceptive manipulation confirms spatial bias in visual attention towards the perceived direction of gaze
Daniela Balslev, William Newman, Paul Knox
Biphasic Alpha Lateralization in Pro- and Anti-Saccade task: Electrophysiological Evidence of Overlapping Attentional Mechanisms.
Daniel Belyusar, Adam C Snyder, Hans-Peter Frey, John J Foxe
Integration of visual and vestibular information used to discriminate rotational self-motion
Florian Soyka, Ksander de Winkel, Michael Barnett-Cowan, Eric Groen, Heinrich H. Bülthoff

Poster (Wednesday)

Immature multisensory enhancement in auditory and visual noise in adolescents.
Harriet Challen Downing, Ayla Barutchu, Sheila Crewther