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Michael S Gordon

Multimodal enhancement of audiovisual time-to-arrival judgments
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Michael S Gordon
Department of Psychology, University of Toronto at Mississauga

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     Last modified: February 3, 2003

Multimodal integration was examined using time-to-arrival (TTA) judgments of an approaching vehicle. Observers were asked to determine the instant the vehicle was to reach their position by watching and listening to field recordings of this event. Presentations were either unimodal or audiovisual. In addition, within each modality a masking noise was added to reduce the accuracy and reliability of performance. Audiovisual performance tended to be analogous to the more reliable of the two modalities in isolation. However, in severe masking conditions, performance with audiovisual stimuli was improved relative to performance with the component unimodal presentations. This research suggests some evidence of audiovisual enhancement, and the flexible usage of multimodal information. The results allow some speculation about constraints for theories of multimodal integration, including the ‘optimal’ and ‘transparent’ use of perceptual information.

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