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Jeannine F. Delwiche

The impact of multi-sensory input on perception of flavor
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Jeannine F. Delwiche
Food Science & Technology, Ohio State University

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During ingestion, a variety of senses are stimulated. While flavor is frequently described as a multi-modal experience, some sensations may be more essential than others. Results of a recent survey indicate that while many sensations contribute to flavor, taste and smell are believed to be of greater importance than any other sensory modalities. Other research indicates that while almost all modalities interact with the perception of flavor, taste, smell and chemesthesis are apparently the most strongly integrated modalities of flavor. Awareness of these interactions and subsequent examination of the way different modalities interact ultimately may lend some insight into how the brain is organized to receive and process the multi-sensory perceptual information during eating and drinking.

To be Presented at the Following Symposium:
The Multisensory Quartet - Smell, Taste, Chemesthesis, and Flavor.
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