4th Annual Meeting of the International Multisensory Research Forum
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Brigitte Roeder

Symposium: Consequences of sensory loss
Multiple Paper Presentation

Brigitte Roeder
Experimental and Biological Psychology, Philipps-University

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Symposium Overview
Different sensory systems provide both complementary and redundant information. Studies on the consequences of sensory loss provide evidence for both the dependency of perceptual cognitive functions upon a particular input modality and the abilities of the intact sensory systems to compensate for the lost input (crossmodal compensation). The parallel investigation of animals and humans discloses the adaptive capacities of brain systems and the functional significance of the neural changes. In this symposium compensatory performance changes in humans after loss of vision or hearing and possible neural correlates as revealed by electrophysiological and brainimaging techniques are discussed. Moreover, results from animal studies are presented showing that the organization of sensory cortex depends on the availability of sensory input. Finally, transient cross-modal plasticity due to short term sensory deprivation (blindfolding) as well as the contribution of brain structures commonly assumed to be unimodal for the processing of stimuli of a different modality will be a topic.

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