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K. Sathian

Extrastriate visual cortical recruitment during tactile form perception in the sighted
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K. Sathian
Dept. of Neurology, Emory University School of Medicine, Atl

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There are now a number of studies from different groups indicating that normally sighted subjects recruit areas of extrastriate visual cortex during various tactile tasks. This talk will review evidence that such visual cortical engagement is quite task-specific, so that extrastriate areas involved in particular visual tasks are recruited in the corresponding tactile versions. Mental rotation of tactile (and visual) forms selectively activates superior parietal cortex in the dorsal visual pathway. Discrimination and identification of tactile (and visual) forms selectively activates the lateral occipital complex (LOC) in the ventral visual pathway. LOC activation is greater during discrimination of global tactile form, a macrospatial task, than during detection of a gap in a bar, a microspatial tactile task. The macrospatial task is more associated with visual imagery than the microspatial task, suggesting that visual imagery may be at least partly responsible for visual cortical activation.

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