4th Annual Meeting of the International Multisensory Research Forum
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Charles E. Schroeder

Symposium: Contributions of Feedforward, Feedback and Lateral projections to Multisensory Convergence and Integration.
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Charles E. Schroeder
Cognitive Neuroscience & Schizophrenia Program, Nathan Kline Institute and Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Symposium Overview
Reports of multisensory convergence and interaction in putatively ?unisensory? regions such as primary sensory cortices, raise fundamental questions about traditional theories of multisensory processing. Four speakers will present data relating to the manifestations of multisensory convergence in early sensory processing and the underlying mechanisms. Dr. Gemma Calvert will address the question of the interpretive limits to which noninvasive measurements in humans can be pushed. Dr. M. Alex Meredith will present a combination of physiological and anatomical data from nonhuman subjects to address the issue of top-down control of sensory processing. Based on anatomical findings from monkeys, Dr. Henry Kennedy will use quantitative connectivity data address some of the rules governing corticocortical connections that subserve sensory processing in general. Finally Dr. C.E. Schroeder will present findings from primate posterior auditory cortex which relate to both the mechanisms and functional significance of multisensory convergence in early sensory processing.

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