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Susan Boehnke

Visual effects on the auditory saltation illusion
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Susan Boehnke
CIHR Group in Sensory-Motor Systems, Queen's University

David Shore
Department of Psychology, McMaster University

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Auditory saltation is a misperception of the location of sounds presented in short, periodic trains. Saltation was studied in elevation, where location is specified by monaural spectral cues. In 'real' motion trails, each click in an 8-click train came from the next in a vertically aligned spatial array of speakers; in 'saltation' trials, the first and last halves of the click train came from the first and last speaker in the array respectively. The trains were presented alone, or with temporal congruent flashes of LEDs situated on each speaker. In one task, subjects rated the percieved motion continuity of click trains varying in inter-click interval (ICI), direction and auditory motion type ('saltation' vs 'real') on a 5 point scale. In another task using a signal detection analysis approach, subjects simply labelled the train as 'real' or 'saltation'. In both tasks, the click train rate at which the auditiory illusion was supported was significantly lengthened, from about 10 Hz (auditory only) to 20 Hz (audiovisual), by the presence of temporally congruent LED flashes.

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