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Yuka Igarashi

The effect of hand picture on tactile discrimination

Yuka Igarashi
Department of Psychology,Tokyo Metropolitan University

Norimichi Kitagawa
Department of Psychology,Nihon University

Shigeru Ichihara
Department of Psychology,Tokyo Metropolitan University

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     Last modified: March 31, 2003

Tactile discrimination of the target location is slowed and inaccuracy when a distractor light is presented at incongruent location with the tactile target. In the present study, we examined whether this visual-tactile interference was modulated by a picture of a hand. In Experiment 1, two tactile vibrators were set on tip and base of the trigger finger. The hand picture and two distractor lights that were superimposed on the hand picture were longitudinally displayed. Thus they were spatially aligned with two vibrators and real hand. Subjects discriminated the location of the tactile target either with or without the hand picture, ignoring the visual stimuli. The tactile discrimination was affected by the distractor lights with little or no effect of the hand picture. In experiment 2, visual stimuli were displayed sidelingly, therefore not aligned with two vibrators. However tactile discrimination was affected by distractor lights, and moreover, the light position that interfered tactile discrimination was altered in accordance with the direction of the hand picture. The results suggest that we could use the hand picture as a clue of tactile localization.

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