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Yota Kimura

The hemispheric asymmetries of emotional perception from the multisensory modalities

Yota Kimura
Department of psychololgy, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Makiko Naka
Department of psychology, Tokyo Metropolitan University

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     Last modified: March 31, 2003

The brain asymmetries of emotional perception in single modality are supported by the number of studies, both in terms of vision and audition. But it is unclear whether such asymmetries are also found in regard to the multisensory modalities. To explore this issue, we conducted the experiments under the multisensory condition, in addition to the single modality condition. In experiment 1 with non-verbal emotional voices dichotically presented, we found the left ear superiority when discriminating fear voices, whereas the right ear superiority when discriminating happy voices. This result shows the valence-specific laterality effect in the auditory processing of emotion. In experiment 2 with emotional face stimuli tachistoscopically presented, we found the left visual field superiority for fear only. In experiment 3, to investigate the multisensory integration of emotional perception, we extended the same task as the experiment 2 with dichotic auditory stimuli, while ignoring the auditory stimuli. In this mulisensory condition, we found the right hemisphere superioriy for fear discrimination again. As for the happy discrimination, we found a slight left hemisphere superiority, though it was not statistically significant.
These results suggest that the laterality effect of auditory processing could affect that of visual processing in multisenrory condition.

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