City of David, Jerusalem, IsraelJerusalem, Israel's capital, and largest city both in population and size, is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history going back 5000 years.

Holy to all three Monotheistic faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Jerusalem's beauty lies in its juxtaposition of old and new. Modern buildings and landmarks in the new city, Jerusalem has something to offer everyone.

The Old City, with its quaint alleys and captivating heritage, is a must for every visitor to Jerusalem. Whether you seek religious sanctity or cultural enrichment, the Old City offers it all. The Western Wall, The Via Dolorosa and The Dome of the Rock, are just three of many historical and religious sites which attract visitors.

City of David, Jerusalem, IsraelOnce you leave the Old City walls, the new city offers many other sites of cultural, music, art, and gastronomical interest. There are many museums to visit, including the Israeli Museum, which is one of the top ranking Museums in the world, parks to picnic in and quaint neighborhoods to stroll through, such as Yemin Moshe, the German Colony and Ein Kerem.

Participants can enjoy a walk through the Ben-Yehudah Pedestrian Mall in the Center of the city, eat falafel and absorb the Jerusalem vibe, and then for a true modern-day Jerusalem experience it is highly recommended to go to the Mahne Yehuda Market, or "the Shuk" as it is known to locals. There you will find everything from fresh produce and spices to house-ware and textiles.

Jerusalem is an exceptional location. The sheer diversity of this beautiful city makes a conference here a unique experience for all participants.

To learn more, you can visit the offical City of Jerusalem Tourism site.