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Keynote Talks

Early cortical control of the right and left arm reaching Abstract
Larry Snyder
Combining sight sound and touch, in mature and developing humans Abstract
David Burr
Design and analysis strategies for multisensory fMRI research: Insights from letter-speech sound integration studies Abstract
Rainer Goebel


Role of neural synchrony for multisensory integrative processes Abstract
Andreas K. Engel (Symposium Organizer)
Multisensory integration of audition and vision using multimodal approaches: from neurophysiology and brain imaging to neural network modeling Abstract
Amir Amedi (Symposium Organizer)
Cross-Modal Reorganization in Deafness Abstract
Pascal Barone, Andrej Kral (Symposium Organizer)
Multisensory processing of visual and tactile information Abstract
Krish Sathian (Symposium Organizer)
Cross-modal influences on information processing in auditory cortex Abstract
Christoph Kayser (Symposium Organizer)
Integration of information in overt attention Abstract
Peter König (Symposium Organizer)
Contributions of auditory cortex to the superior visual capabilities of congenitally deaf cats Abstract
Stephen G. Lomber, Andrej Kral (Symposium Talk)
Cortical re-organization and multimodal processing in children with cochlear implants Abstract
Anu Sharma (Symposium Talk)
The spatio-temporal dynamics of somatosensory shape discrimination. Abstract
Joshua Nelson Lucan (Symposium Talk)
Audio-visual integration for objects, location and low-level dynamic stimuli: novel insights from studying sensory substitution and topographical mapping. Abstract
Amir Amedi, William Stern, Lotfi Merabet, Ella Striem, Uri Hertz, Peter Meijer, Alvaro Pascual-Leone (Symposium Talk)
Amodal Multimodal Integration Abstract
Marc O. Ernst, Massimiliano Di Luca, Wendy Adams (Symposium Talk)
Krish Sathian (Symposium Talk)
Similarities between the awareness of change in vision and touch: The role of spatial processing Abstract
Alberto Gallace, Charles Spence (Symposium Talk)
Visual-auditory integration in the barn owl: A neuroethological approach Abstract
yoram Gutfreund, Amit Reches, Yael Zahar (Symposium Talk)
A multisensory perspective on human auditory communication Abstract
Katharina von Kriegstein (Symposium Talk)
Searching for cross-modal synchrony – a testbed for the „temporal correlation“ hypothesis? Abstract
Andreas K. Engel, Jörg F. Hipp, Till R. Schneider, Simone Lorenz, Markus Siegel, Stefan Debener, Daniel Senkowski (Symposium Talk)
Cross-modal reorganization in cochlear implanted deaf patients: a brain imaging Pet study Abstract
J. Rouger, B. Fraysse, O. Deguine, Pascal Barone (Symposium Talk)
Attentional control of oscillatory phase reset in multisensory interactions Abstract
Peter Lakatos, Charles E. Schroeder (Symposium Talk)
Friend or foe? Multisensory interactions between emotional face expressions and pain processing in neural gamma-band responses Abstract
Daniel Senkowski, Janine Kautz, Michael Hauck, Roger Zimmermann, Andreas K. Engel (Symposium Talk)
Cross-Modal Reorganization in Deafness: Neural correlates of semantic and syntactic processes in German Sign Language (DGS) Abstract
Nils Skotara, Barbara Hänel, Monique Kügow, Brigitte Röder (Symposium Talk)

Psychophysics/ Experimental Psychology

The Costs of Crossing Paths and Switching Tasks between Audition and Vision Abstract
Micah M. Murray, Laura De Santis, Gregor Thut, Glenn R. Wylie (Talk)
Work Better in the Dark: Close your eyes. Abstract
David Shore, I.K. Dhanoah (Talk)
Functional dynamic changes of peripersonal space induced by actions Abstract
Claudio Brozzoli, Francesco Pavani, Lucilla Cardinali, Christian Urquizar, Olivier Sillan, Alessandro Farnè (Talk)
Role of Touch in Referral of Thermal Sensations Abstract
Hsin-Ni Ho, Junji Watanabe, Hideyuki Ando, Makio Kashino (Talk)
Pip and pop: Non-spatial auditory signals improve spatial visual search Abstract
Erik Van der Burg, Christian Olivers, Adelbert Bronkhorst, Jan Theeuwes (Talk)
An irrelevant tone can influence peri-saccadic mislocalisation Abstract
Jeroen Smeets, Femke Maij, Eli Brenner (Talk)
Perceptual learning suggests crossmodal plasticity in adult humans at relatively early levels of processing Abstract
Anton L. Beer, Melissa A. Batson, Takeo Watanabe (Talk)
Is visuo-proprioceptive integration advantageous to update internal models Abstract
Fabrice R SARLEGNA, Lionel Bringoux, Nicole Malfait, Jean-Louis Vercher, Christophe Bourdin (Talk)
The role of stereo vision in visual and vestibular cue integration Abstract
John S Butler, Heinrich H Buelthoff, Stuart T Smith (Talk)
Movement synchronisation to multisensory temporal cues Abstract
Mark T Elliott, Andrew E Welchman, Michail Doumas, Alan M Wing (Talk)
Sensory substitution and the taxonomy of our sensory modalities Abstract
Malika Auvray, Thomas Hoellinger, Sylvain Hanneton (Talk)
On quantifying multisensory interaction effects in reaction time and detection rate Abstract
Stefan Rach, Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius (Talk)
From visual symbols to sound representations: Event-related potentials and gamma-band responses Abstract
Erich Schröger, Andreas Widmann, Thomas Gruber (Talk)
Multisensory integration promotes spatial attentional capture Abstract
Charles Spence, Cristy Ho, Valerio Santangelo (Talk)
Interactions of different body parts in the peripersonal space and in the body schema Abstract
Tobias Schicke, Brigitte Röder (Poster)
Visual and auditory modulation of perceptual stability of ambiguous visual patterns Abstract
Kohske Takahashi, Katsumi Watanabe (Poster)
Cross-modal integration of visual and haptic information for object recognition: Effects of view changes and shape similarity Abstract
Rebecca Lawson, Heinrich Bülthoff (Poster)
Audiovisual fusion or just an illusion? Abstract
Azra Nahid Ali (Poster)
Multisensory integration of non-visual sensory information for the perceptual estimation of walking speed Abstract
Ilja Frissen, Jan L. Souman, Marc O. Ernst (Poster)
Motion discrimination of visual, tactile and bimodal stimuli Abstract
Monica Gori, Giulio Sandini, David Burr (Poster)
Measuring Auditory-Visual Integration Efficiency Abstract
Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich, Stefan Rach (Poster)
Optimal integration of auditory and vibrotactile information for judgements of temporal order Abstract
Ian Ley, Patrick Haggard, Kielan Yarrow (Poster)
Olfactory-visual interactions in emotional face processing Abstract
Janina Seubert, Frank Boers, Klaus Mathiak, James Loughead, Ute Habel (Poster)
How vision and kinesthesia contribute to space perception: Evidence from blind and sighted humans Abstract
Katja Fiehler, Johanna Reuschel, Frank Rösler (Poster)
Combining sensory cues for spatial updating: The minimal sensory context to enhance mental rotations Abstract
Manuel Vidal, Alexandre Lehmann, Heinrich Bülthoff (Poster)
Fast recovery of binaural spatial hearing in a bilateral cochlear implant recipient Abstract
Elena Nava, Davide Bottari, Francesca Bonfioli, Millo Achille Beltrame, Giovanna Portioli, Patrizia Formigoni, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
Viewing a Face (Especially One's Own Face) Being Touched Enhances Tactile Perception on the Face Abstract
Andrea Serino, Francesca Pizzoferrato, Elisabetta Làdavas (Poster)
The contiguity principle – initial evidence for perceptual constancy in flavour Abstract
Andy T. Woods, Garmt Dijksterhuis, Chantalle Groeneschild (Poster)
Encoding differences in visual and haptic face recognition Abstract
Lisa Dopjans, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich H. Bülthoff (Poster)
Vection during walking: effects of vision-action direction congruency and visual jitter Abstract
Michiteru Kitazaki, Atsushi Murata, Shinichi Onimaru, Takao Sato (Poster)
Analyzing haptic and visual object categorization of parametrically-defined shapes Abstract
Nina Gaißert, Christian Wallraven, Heinrich H Bülthoff (Poster)
Different learning strategies in intra- and inter-modal 3-D object recognition tasks revealed by eye movements Abstract
Yoshiyuki Ueda, Jun Saiki (Poster)
Incongruent visual image impairs discrimination of tactile stimulus on a finger Abstract
Yuki HONGOH, Taku KONISHI, Koichi HIOKI, Hirokazu NISHIO, Takaji MATSUSHIMA, Satoshi MAEKAWA (Poster)
Perceptual Interactions Between Vibrotactile and Auditory Stimuli: Effects of Frequency Abstract
E. Courtenay Wilson, Charlotte M. Reed, Louis D. Braida (Poster)
Humans increasingly rely more on haptics in 3D shape perception with higher degrees of visual-haptic conflict Abstract
Priyamvada Tripathi, Robert Gray, Mithra Vankipuram, Sethuraman Panchanathan (Poster)
Temporal limits of within- and cross-modal cross-attribute bindings Abstract
Waka Fujisaki, Shin'ya Nishida (Poster)
Crossmodal discrimination of object shape Abstract
Anna Seemüller, Katja Fiehler, Frank Rösler (Poster)
Interaural Time Differences Affect Visual Perception with High Spatial Precision Abstract
Nicholas Myers, Anton L. Beer, Mark W. Greenlee (Poster)
Vision, haptics, and attention: A further investigation of crossmodal interactions while exploring a 3D Necker cube Abstract
Marco Bertamini, Luigi Masala, Georg Meyer, Nicola Bruno (Poster)
Voluntary action improves auditory-somatosensory crossmodal temporal resolution. Abstract
Norimichi Kitagawa, Masaharu Kato, Makio Kashino (Poster)
Temporal aspects of auditory and visual stimuli processing assessed by temporal order judgment and reaction times Abstract
Lars Torben Boenke, Matthias Deliano, Frank W Ohl (Poster)
The impact of gravitoinertial cues on the perception of lateral self-motion Abstract
Hans-Günther Nusseck, Harald Jürgen Teufel, Jennifer L Campos, Heinrich H Bülthoff (Poster)
Is auditory visual integration preserved in the elderly? Abstract
Annalisa Setti, Kate Elisabeth Burke, Fiona Newell (Poster)
Effects of visual cues on acquisition of multiple prior distributions in tactile temporal order judgments Abstract
Yasuhito Nagai, Mayu Suzuki, Makoto Miyazaki, Shigeru Kitazawa (Poster)
Is bias and variance of multimodal temporal numerosity judgement consistent with Maximum Likelihood Estimation? Abstract
Tom Gijsbert Philippi, Jan B F van Erp, Peter J Werkhoven (Poster)
Probing vision utilization using an audio-visual illusion: Evidence for modulation of visual afferent information processing during goal-directed movements Abstract
Luc Tremblay, Thanh Nguyen (Poster)
Integration and Segregation of auditory-visual signals Abstract
Matthias Gondan (Poster)
Auditory capture during focused visual attention Abstract
Thomas Koelewijn, Adelbert Bronkhorst, Jan Theeuwes (Poster)
Multisensory Integration Causes Non-Informative Auditory Stimuli to Facilitate Visual Search: An event-related potential investigation of the “Pip and Pop� phenomenon Abstract
Durk Talsma, Erik Van der Burg, Christiaan Olivers, Jan Theeuwes (Poster)
Effects of tonal organization on synchrony-asynchrony discrimination of cross-modal and within-modal stimuli Abstract
Maori Kobayashi, Shuichi Sakamoto, Yo-iti Suzuki (Poster)
Recalibration of Phonetic Categories by Lipread Speech: Measuring Aftereffects After a Twenty-Four Hours Delay Abstract
Martijn Baart, Jean Vroomen (Poster)
Adaptive reversal of sensorimotor timing across the senses Abstract
James V. M. Hanson, James Heron, David Whitaker (Poster)
Attention modulates adaptive temporal recalibration Abstract
James Heron, Neil W. Roach, David Whitaker, James V. M. Hanson (Poster)
Vanessa Harrar, Laurence R. Harris, Markus Lappe (Poster)
Visual, tactile and visuo-tactile perception of acceleration and deceleration Abstract
Monica Gori, Alessandra Sciutti, Marco Jacono, Giulio Sandini, David Burr (Poster)
Audiovisual Speech Perception in Asperger Syndrome Abstract
Satu Saalasti, Kaisa Tiippana, Mari Laine-Hernandez, Jari Kätsyri, Lennart von Wendt, Mikko Sams (Poster)
Voice, face and speech motion: interactions in person recognition Abstract
Gloria Galloni, Franco Delogu, Carmela Morabito, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (Poster)
Multimodal integration in the estimation of walked distances Abstract
Jennifer Campos, John Butler, Betty Mohler, Heinrich Buelthoff (Poster)
Tactile and learning abilities in early and late-blind subjects Abstract
Christine Heinisch, Tobias Kalisch, Hubert R Dinse (Poster)
Are common consequences sufficient for visual-haptic integration? Abstract
Sascha Serwe, Konrad P Koerding, Julia Trommershäuser (Poster)
Fabrizio Leo, Caterina Bertini, Elisabetta Làdavas (Poster)
Sound can enhance visual representational momentum Abstract
Wataru Teramoto, Souta Hidaka, Jiro Gyoba, Yoichi Suzuki (Poster)
Does sound location influence reaction times to audiovisual speech? Abstract
Hanna Puharinen, Kaisa Tiippana, Riikka Möttönen, Mikko Sams (Poster)
Visual information integration is not strictly additive: the influence of depth cue consistency Abstract
Matthias Gamer, Heiko Hecht (Poster)
Time-to-Contact estimation for visual stimuli approaching the hand Abstract
M. Luisa Dematte', Massimiliano Zampini, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
Adaptation to auditory motion produces direction-specific speed aftereffects Abstract
Ross W. Deas, Neil W. Roach, Paul V. McGraw (Poster)
The role of brain lateralization and interhemispheric transfer for a multisensory reference frame of action control Abstract
Holger Cramer, Brigitte Röder, Cordula Becker (Poster)
Auditory-tactile and tactile-tactile enhancement: The role of task and overt visual attention Abstract
Helge Gillmeister, Monira Rahman, Bettina Forster (Poster)
TMS-based evidence for the independence of visual bias and audio-visual integration Abstract
Caterina Bertini, Fabrizio Leo, Alessio Avenanti, Elisabetta Làdavas (Poster)
Visual and haptic size constancy in object recognition Abstract
Matt Craddock, Rebecca Lawson (Poster)
Prior linguistic experience modulates the temporal processing of audiovisual speech signals Abstract
Jordi Navarra, Agnès Alsius, Salvador Soto-Faraco, Charles Spence (Poster)
Effects of FM sounds on the perceived magnitude of self-motion induced by vestibular information Abstract
Shuichi Sakamoto, Maori Kobayashi, Mikio Seto, Kenzo Sakurai, Jiro Gyoba, Yo-iti Suzuki (Poster)
Obstructing the view degrades the audiovisual integration of drumming actions Abstract
Karin Petrini, Melanie Russell, Frank Pollick (Poster)
Jeremy Bluteau, Edouard Gentaz, Sabine Coquillart, Yohan Payan (Poster)
Blind subjects are unaware of changes in hand asymmetry Abstract
Christine Heinisch, Hubert R Dinse (Poster)
The effect of sound intensity on the audiotactile crossmodal dynamic capture task Abstract
Valeria Occelli, Charles Spence, Massimiliano Zampini (Poster)
Assessing the effect of sound complexity on the audiotactile crossmodal dynamic capture task Abstract
Valeria Occelli, Charles Spence, Massimiliano Zampini (Poster)
Is the Colavita effect an exclusively visual phenomenon? Abstract
Valeria Occelli, Jess Hartcher O'Brien, Charles Spence, Massimiliano Zampini (Poster)
Tactile masking within and between hands:Insights for spatial coding of touch at the fingers Abstract
Luigi Tamè, Alessandro Farnè, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
Tactile and visual contributions to the perception of naturalness Abstract
Krista Overvliet, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
The effect of adaptation on tactile temporal order judgments Abstract
David Whitaker, James V.M. Hanson, James Heron (Poster)
The Multisensory Perception of Emotion in Real and Virtual Humans Abstract
Joanna E McHugh, Rachel McDonnell, Jason S Chan, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Effects of Path Length, Visual and Interoceptive Information on Path Integration Abstract
Lili Tcheang, Neil Burgess, Heinrich Buelthoff (Poster)
The impact of reaction time speed on early auditory-somatosensory multisensory interactions. Abstract
Holger F Sperdin, Céline Cappe, John J Foxe, Micah M Murray (Poster)
Visual-tactile perception of time Abstract
Lucilla Cardinali, Alessandro Farnè, Claudio Brozzoli, Romeo Salemme, Francesca Frassinetti (Poster)
Localisation tasks with a three-dimensional audio-motor coupling based on an electromagnetic motion capture device Abstract
thomas hoellinger, malika auvray, Agnes Roby-Brami, Sylvain Hanneton (Poster)
I act, hear and see, but is it really me? Cross-modal effects in the perception of biological motion Abstract
Vassilis Sevdalis, Peter Keller (Poster)
The Effects of Unattended Multisensory Stimuli on a Visual Pattern Completion Task Abstract
Aniket Shitalkumar Rali, Leslie Ellen Dowell, Christopher Tremone Edge, Laura Jenelle Stabin, Mark Thomas Wallace (Poster)
Perceptual narrowing of cross-modal perception of nonnative contrasts Abstract
Ferran Pons, David J Lewkowicz, Salvador Soto-Faraco, Nuria Sebastian-Galles (Poster)
Biasing Saccades With Sound Abstract
David McCormick, Pascal Mamassian (Poster)
Audiovisual depth perception in real and virtual environments Abstract
Jason S Chan, Carol O'Sullivan, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Spatial modulation of auditory-somatosensory interactions: effects of stimulated body surface and acoustic spectra Abstract
Ana Tajadura-Jiménez, Norimichi Kitagawa, Aleksander Väljamäe, Massimiliano Zampini, Micah M. Murray, Charles Spence (Poster)
Investigating the role of audition in spatial perception of natural visual scenes Abstract
Daniel K. Rogers, Jason S. Chan, Fiona N. Newell (Poster)
Action perception from audio-visual cues: the role of human voice and body orientation in determining locus of attention. Abstract
Iwona Pomianowska, Jason S Chan, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Is cross-modal transfer of perceptual learning and viewpoint-independence possible? Abstract
Simon Lacey, Marisa Pappas, Kevin Lee, K. Sathian (Poster)
Indivisuality distinction judgment of the movie with scene shake by walking Abstract
Takuro Kayahara (Poster)
The effect of looming and receding sounds on the in-depth perception of point-light figures Abstract
Ben Schouten, Elke Moyens, Anna Brooks, Rick van der Zwan, Karl Verfaillie (Poster)
Does optimal integration of auditory and visual cues occur in a complex temporal task? Abstract
Scott Love, James M. Hillis, Frank E Pollick (Poster)
The way of touch affect the relationship between vision and touch Abstract
kensuke oshima (Poster)
Bayesian calibration of simultaneity in audiovisual temporal order judgment Abstract
Shinya Yamamoto, Makoto Miyazaki, Takayuki Iwano, Shigeru Kitazawa (Poster)
The dual role of the non-target in visual-auditory saccadic integration Abstract
Anja Kraft, Martina Kroeger, Rike Steenken, Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich (Poster)
The role of object categories in auditory-visual object recognition Abstract
Clara Suied, Isabelle Viaud-Delmon (Poster)
Audio-visual simultaneity judgments in rapid serial visual presentation Abstract
Cornelia Kranczioch, Jeremy Thorne, Stefan Debener (Poster)
Effect of eye-position on auditory, visual or audio-visual target localization Abstract
David Hartnagel, Alain Bichot, Corinne Roumes (Poster)
Cognitive interactions between facial expression and vocal intonation in emotional judgment Abstract
Toshiko Mochizuki (Poster)
Visual object recognition by prehension movement Abstract
Francesco Campanella, Giulio Sandini (Poster)
Spatial audio-visual integration without localizing the auditory stimulus? Abstract
Rike Steenken, Hans Colonius, Adele Diederich (Poster)
Tactile illusion induced by referred thermal sensation Abstract
Yuji Wada, Daisuke Tsuzuki, Tomohiro Masuda, Kaoru Kohyama, Ippeita Dan (Poster)
Musical parameters and audiotactile metaphorical mappings Abstract
Zohar Eitan, Inbar Rothschild (Poster)
Auditory-Visual and Tactile-Visual Temporal Recalibration Abstract
Mirjam Keetels, Jean Vroomen (Poster)
Auditory footsteps affect visual biological motion orientation detection Abstract
Ana Catarina Mendonça, Jorge Almeida Santos (Poster)
Searching for the talking head: The cocktail party revisited Abstract
Agnès Alsius, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
Perception of simultaneity and temporal order of active and passive head movements paired with visual, auditory and tactile stimuli Abstract
Michael Barnett-Cowan, Laurence R Harris (Poster)
Crossing hands can curve saccades: Multisensory dynamics in saccades trajectories Abstract
Lauren Emberson, Rebecca J. Weiss, Adriano Barbosa, Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Michael Spivey (Poster)
Where visually-guided auditory spatial adaptation occurs Abstract
I-Fan Lin (Poster)
Changing representations during tactile encoding Abstract
Elena Azañón, Salvador Soto-Faraco (Poster)
Tactile capture of auditory localization is modulated by hand posture Abstract
Patrick Bruns, Brigitte Röder (Poster)
An Extended Temporal Window for Multisensory Integration in ASD Abstract
Leslie Ellen Dowell, Jennifer H Foss-Feig, Haleh Kadivar, Laura Jenelle Stabin, Courtney P Burnette, Eric A Esters, Tiffany G Woynaroski, Carissa Cascio, Wendy Stone, Mark Thomas Wallace (Poster)
Perceptual Training-Induced Narrowing of the Multisensory Temporal Binding Window Abstract
Albert R. Powers, Andrea R. Hillock, Mark T. Wallace (Poster)
Motor performance and motor awareness in a full body agency task using virtual reality Abstract
Oliver Alan Kannape, Tej Tadi, Lars Schwabe, Olaf Blanke (Poster)
On and off the body: Extending the space for visual dominance of touch Abstract
Jess Hartcher-O'Brien, Charles J Spence (Poster)
Cesare Valerio Parise, Charles Spence (Poster)
Timing is Everything: Modality mediates effects of attention in implicit statistical learning Abstract
Lauren Emberson, Chris Conway, Morten Christiansen (Poster)
Developmental time course of the crossed hands effect for tactile temporal order judgements Abstract
Birthe Pagel, Tobias Schicke, Brigitte Röder (Poster)
Hearing cheats tactile deviant-detection: An event-related potential study Abstract
Kirsten Hötting, Claudia K. Friedrich, Brigitte Röder (Poster)


The prefrontal cortex accumulates object evidence through differential connectivity to the visual and auditory cortices Abstract
Uta Noppeney, Dirk Ostwald, Sebastian Werner, Mario Kleiner (Talk)
The effects of task and attention on visual-tactile processing: Human intracranial data Abstract
Thomas Thesen, Mark Blumberg, Charles Spence, Chad E Carlson, Sydney S Cash, Werner K Doyle, Ruben I Kuzniecky, Istvan Ulbert, Orrin Devinsky, Eric Halgren (Talk)
Audio-visual and visuo-tactile integration in the human thalamus Abstract
Marcus J. Naumer, Andrea Polony, Yavor Yalachkov, Leonie Ratz, Grit Hein, Oliver Doehrmann, Jochen Kaiser, Vincent G. van de Ven (Poster)
Perception of the visual double-flash illusion correlates with changes of oscillatory activity in human sensory areas Abstract
Joachim Lange, Robert Oostenveld, Pascal Fries (Poster)
Multisensory interactions between the endogenous and exogenous orienting of spatial attention Abstract
Valerio Santangelo, Marta Olivetti Belardinelli, Charles Spence, Emiliano Macaluso (Poster)
Activation of visuomotor brain areas reflects the individual smoking expertise: an fMRI study Abstract
Yavor Yalachkov, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus J. Naumer (Poster)
My third arm: shifts in topography of the somatosensory homunculus predict feeling of an artificial supernumerary arm Abstract
Michael Schaefer, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Michael Rotte (Poster)
Incoherent audio-visual motion reveals early multisensory integration in auditory cortex Abstract
Mikhail Zvyagintsev, Andrey Nikolaev, Heike Thoennessen, Klaus Mathiak (Poster)
Looming sounds selectively enhance visual excitability Abstract
Vincenzo Romei, Micah M Murray, Gregor Thut (Poster)
Projecting peripersonal space onto a mirror: ERP correlates of visual-tactile spatial interactions. Abstract
Chiara Francesca Sambo, Bettina Forster (Poster)
Natural, metaphoric and linguistic auditory-visual interactions Abstract
Sepideh Sadaghiani, Joost X Maier, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
Physical and perceptual factors determine the mode of audio-visual integration in distinct areas of the speech processing system Abstract
Hwee-Ling Lee, Johannes Tuennerhoff, Sebastian Werner, Chandrasekharan Pammi, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
Active Touch Vs. Passive Touch in Roughness Discrimination: an fMRI study. Abstract
Cristina Simoes-Franklin, T. Aisling Whitaker, Fiona Newell (Poster)
Neural correlates of audio-visual biological motion and speech processing Abstract
Georg F Meyer, Sophie M Wuerger, Roland M Rutschmann, Mark W Greenlee (Poster)
Investigating visuo-tactile recognition of unfamiliar moving objects: A combined behavioural and fMRI study Abstract
Jason Chan, T Aisling Whitaker, Cristina Simoes-Franklin, Hugh Garavan, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
The long road to automation: Neurocognitive development of letter/speech-sound processing. Abstract
Dries Froyen, Milene Bonte, Nienke Van Atteveldt, Hanne Poelmans, Leo Blomert (Poster)
Mirror symmetry topographical mapping is a fundamental principle of cortex organization across sensory modalities: a whole brain fMRI study of body representation. Abstract
Ran Geva, Zohar Tal, Uri Hertz, Amir Amedi (Poster)
Audio-visual repetition suppression and enhancement in occipital and temporal cortices as revealed by fMRI-adaptation Abstract
Oliver Doehrmann, Christian F. Altmann, Sarah Weigelt, Jochen Kaiser, Marcus J. Naumer (Poster)
fMR-adaptation reveals multisensory integration in human superior temporal cortex Abstract
Nienke van Atteveldt, Vera Blau, Leo Blomert, Rainer Goebel (Poster)
Effect of early visual deprivation on olfactory perception: psychophysical and low resolution electromagnetic tomography (LORETA) investigation. Abstract
Isabel Cuevas, Paula Plaza, Philippe Rombaux, Jean Delbeke, Olivier Collignon, Anne G De Volder, Laurent Renier (Poster)
Are brain areas assigned to proprio-tactile integration of one’s own movement perception? Abstract
Anne Kavounoudias, Jean-Pierre Roll, Régine Roll (Poster)
Motor learning affects neural processing of visual perception Abstract
Annerose Engel, Michael Burke, Katja Fiehler, Siegfried Bien, Frank Roesler (Poster)
The cortical network for high-level audio-visual object processing mapped with sogICA Abstract
Jasper J. F. van den Bosch, Michael Wibral, Axel Kohler, Wolf Singer, Jochen Kaiser, Vincent van de Ven, Lars Muckli, Marcus J. Naumer (Poster)
Audiovisual speech perception: Examining the McGurk illusion by fMRI at 7 Tesla Abstract
Gregor Rafael Szycik, Jörg Stadler, Thomas F Münte (Poster)
Cortical Plasticity of Audiovisual Mass Action Abstract
Kentaroh Takagaki, Frank W. Ohl (Poster)
Speech perception is contaminated by visual words (orthography). Abstract
Marie Montant, Daniele Schön, Jean-Luc Anton, Johannes Christoph Ziegler (Poster)
EEG and fMRI during an unimodal and a crossmodal flanker task Abstract
Matthias Bischoff, Roman Pignanelli, Helge Gebhardt, Carlo Blecker, Dieter Vaitl, Gebhard Sammer (Poster)
Auditory-visual multisensory interactions in depth Abstract
Celine Cappe, Micah M. Murray (Poster)
An fMRI study on crossmodal interactions during object processing Abstract
Cordula Hagemann, Corinna Klinge, Till Schneider, Brigitte Röder, Christian Büchel (Poster)
Neural bases of phase shifted audiovisual stimuli Abstract
Daniel Bergmann, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Toemme Noesselt, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Toemme Noesselt, Hans-Jochen Heinze, Toemme Noesselt, Toemme Noesselt, Toemme Noesselt (Poster)
Spatial and temporal factors in audiovisual integration: An fMRI sudy Abstract
Bjoern Bonath, Steven A. Hillyard, Sascha Tyll, Jyoti Mishra, Hans Jochen Heinze, Toemme Noesselt (Poster)
Neural correlates of sensory feedback loops in reaching Abstract
Alexandra Reichenbach, Axel Thielscher, Angelika Peer, Heinrich H. Bülthoff, Jean-Pierre Bresciani (Poster)
Audio-visual object integration in human STS: Determinants of stimulus efficacy and inverse effectiveness. Abstract
Sebastian Werner, Uta Noppeney (Poster)
Bridging the gap between phonology and reading: Evidence from developmental neuroimaging Abstract
Vera C Blau, Nienke Van Atteveldt, Jochen Seitz, Rainer Goebel, Leo Blomert (Poster)
Anatomically and functionally distinct regions within multisensory superior temporal sulcus differentially integrate temporally-asynchronous speech Abstract
Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Nicholas A. Altieri, Sunah Kim, Thomas W. James (Poster)
Evidence for ventral and dorsal neural pathways for visuo-haptic object recognition Abstract
Sunah Kim, Daniel Eylath, Ryan Andrew Stevenson, Thomas Wellington James (Poster)
Mirror symmetry topographical mapping is a fundamental principle of cortex organization across sensory modalities: a whole brain fMRI study of tonotopic mapping. Abstract
Ella Striem, Uri Hertz, Amir Amedi (Poster)


Distinct circuits support unisensory and multisensory integration in the cat superior colliculus Abstract
Terrence R. Stanford, Juan Carlos Alvarado, J. William Vaughan, Barry E. Stein (Talk)
Spatial and spatiotemporal receptive fields of cortical and subcortical multisensory neurons Abstract
Mark T Wallace, Brian N. Carriere, Matthew C. Fister, Juliane Krueger, David W. Royal (Talk)
Must the hand be seen or only imagined for visuoproprioceptive integration? Evidence from ERP Abstract
Visual anticipatory information modulates audiovisual cross-modal interactions of artificial stimuli Abstract
Jean Vroomen, Jeroen Stekelenburg (Poster)
Axel H Winneke, Natalie A Phillips (Poster)
How vision can help audition: Speech recognition in noisy environments Abstract
Inga Schepers, Daniel Senkowski, Joerg F. Hipp, Andreas K. Engel (Poster)
Touching the sound: High-frequency oscillations in a distributed cortical network reflect cross-modal semantic matching in haptic-to-auditory priming Abstract
Till R. Schneider, Simone Lorenz, Daniel Senkowski, Andreas K. Engel (Poster)
Spatial attention operates simultaneously on ongoing activity in visual and somatosensory cortex - largely independent of the relevant modality Abstract
Markus Bauer, Steffan Kennett, José van Velzen, Martin Eimer, Jon Driver (Poster)
Changes of oscillatory activity in the electrocorticogram from auditory cortex before and after adaptation to contingent, asynchronous audiovisual stimulation Abstract
Abdelhafid Zeghbib, antje Fillbrandt, Deliano Matthias, Frank Ohl (Poster)
Effects of visual-auditory stimulus onset asynchrony on auditory event-related potentials in a speech identification task Abstract
Jeremy David Thorne, Stefan Debener (Poster)
Multisensory enhancement in the optic tectum of the barn owl: spike count and spike timing. Abstract
Yael Zahar, Yoram Gutfreund (Poster)
Fillbrandt A, Deliano M, Ohl FW: Audiovisual category transfer in rodents, an electrophysiological study of directional influences between auditory and visual cortex Abstract
Antje Fillbrandt (Poster)
Coding of multisensory peripersonal space in hand-centred reference frames by human motor cortex Abstract
Tamar R Makin, Nicholas Paul Holmes, Claudio Brozzoli, Yves Rossetti, Alessandro Farne (Poster)
Neuronal Dynamics of Bi-stable Cross-modal Binding Abstract
Joerg F Hipp (Poster)
Orthographic effects on spoken language Abstract
laetitia perre, chotiga pattamadilok, Johannes Ziegler (Poster)
Auditory-visual interactions in autistic children: a topographic ERP study Abstract
Julie Vidal, Marie-Hélène Giard, Frédérique Bonnet-Brilhault, Catherine Barthélémy, Nicole Bruneau (Poster)
Neuronal correlates of spatial audio-visual temporal order perception Abstract
Lars Torben Boenke, Matthias Deliano, Frank W Ohl (Poster)
Intermodal attention modulates early and late stages of multisensory processing Abstract
Christina M. Karns, Robert T. Knight (Poster)
Effect of a congenital deafness on the organization of the thalamo-cortical connections in the cat. Abstract
Ludovic Lacassagne, Andrej Kral, Pascal Barone (Poster)
Analysis of multisensory simultaneity perception in adults using event related potentials. Abstract
Andrea R. Hillock, Albert R. Powers, Juliane Krueger, Alexandra P.F. Key, Mark T. Wallace (Poster)
Sensory Interactions in the Claustrum and Insula Cortex. Abstract
Ryan Remedios, Nikos K Logothetis, Christoph Kayser (Poster)
The visual attentional blink produces cross-modal effects that enhance concurrent involuntary auditory processing Abstract
Keren Haroush, Leon Deouell, Shaul Hochstein (Poster)
Plasticity of voice-processing: Evidence from event-related potentials in late-onset blind and sighted people Abstract
Julia Föcker, Anna Best, Brigitte Röder (Poster)
Visual and auditory selective attention in near and far space Abstract
José van Velzen, A. F. Eardley, Luke Mason, J. Mayas-Arrellano (Poster)


Integration of speech and gesture; an ERP study Abstract
Boukje Habets, Sotaro Kita, Asli Özyürek, Peter Hagoort (Talk)
Optic ataxia is not only 'optic': Impaired spatial integration of proprioceptive information Abstract
Annabelle Blangero (Talk)
Top-down influences on the crossmodal gamma band oscillation Abstract
Noriaki Kanayama, Luigi Tamè, Hideki Ohira, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
Recognizing the voice but not the face: Cross-modal interactions in a patient with prosopagnosia Abstract
Jennifer Kate Steeves, Adria E.N. Hoover, Jean-François Démonet (Poster)
Claudia Passamonti, Ilja Frissen, Elisabetta Ladavas (Poster)
High-density EEG evidence of gender differences in processing of auditory and proprioceptive cues in peri-personal space. Abstract
Stephanie L. Simon-Dack, Margaret Baune, Malarie Deslauriers, Whitney Harchenko, Tyler Kurtz, Miller Ryan, Wahl Cassandra, Erin Wilkinson, Wolfgang A. Teder-Sälejärvi (Poster)
EEG power in alpha and gamma bands follows the temporal profile of audiovisual stimuli Abstract
Sonja Schall, Cliodhna Quigley, Selim Onat, Peter König (Poster)
An indirect measure of body distortions in patients with eating disorders Abstract
Francesco Pavani, Patrick Haggard, GianLuigi Mansi, Alessandra Fumagalli, Massimiliano Zampini (Poster)
An fMRI Investigation of the Role of Vision and Touch in the Perception of “Naturalness� Abstract
T Aisling Whitaker, Cristina Simões-Franklin, Fiona N Newell (Poster)
Audiovisual integration in word recognition in typically developing children and children with autistic spectrum disorder Abstract
Lars Arne Ross, Sophie Molholm, Manuel Gomez-Ramirez, Pejman Sehatpour, Alice Brown Brandwein, Natalie Russo, Hilary Gomes, Dave Saint-Amour, John James Foxe (Poster)
The neural network underlying letter and speech-sound integration Abstract
Maria Mittag, Rika Takegata, Teija Kujala (Poster)
Space and time modulate faster visual detection in the profound deaf Abstract
Davide Bottari, Elena Nava, Pia Ley, Francesco Pavani (Poster)
On the Correlation Between the Spatial Extension of Touch Pharmacological Synaesthesia and the Plastic Categorization of the Human Body Schema Abstract
isadora olive (Poster)
Gradients of unimodal and crossmodal spatial attention under different processing load Abstract
Zhenzhu Yue, Xiaolin Zhou, Brigitte Röder (Poster)

Computational Modelling/ Engineering

Bayesian Priors and Likelihoods are Encoded Independently in Human Multisensory Perception Abstract
Ladan Shams, Ulrik Beierholm (Talk)
Multisensory integration in the superior colliculus: Inside the black box Abstract
Benjamin Andrew Rowland (Talk)
Optimal multi-modal state estimation and prediction by neural networks based on dynamic spike train decoding Abstract
Ron Meir (Talk)
Human trimodal perception follows optimal statistical inference Abstract
Ladan Shams, Ulrik R. Beierholm, David R. Wozny (Poster)
How the brain could make sense out of complex multi-sensory inputs Abstract
Eugen Oetringer (Poster)
Multisensory integration in reaction time: Time-window-of-integration (TWIN) model for divided attention tasks Abstract
Adele Diederich, Hans Colonius (Poster)
The Impact of Natural Statistics on Multisensory Integration in Superior Colliculus Abstract
Terry Elliott, Xutao Kuang, Nigel Richard Shadbolt, Klaus-Peter Zauner (Poster)
Measurement for tactile sensation Abstract
Fei Shao (Poster)
A Finite element fingertip model for simulating tactile sensation Abstract
Fei Shao (Poster)
Model of human's audiovisual perception using Bayesian networks Abstract
Patricia Besson, Christophe Bourdin, Gabriel M Gauthier, Lionel Bringoux, Daniel Mestre, Jonas Richiardi, Jean-Louis Vercher (Poster)
A novel method of dealing with the dynamic and fuzzy information from multi sensors Abstract
Yanzi Miao, Jianwei Zhang (Poster)
Management of the Multi-sensor System and Fault Diagnosis Information Fusion of Mine Main Ventilator Abstract
Zhao zhongxiang (Poster)
The Application of Water Environment Monitoring Based on the Multisensory Data Fusion Abstract
Liang Chun (Poster)

Other Fields

The Seemingly Inviolable Principle of Inverse Effectiveness: In Search of a Null Hypothesis Abstract
Nicholas Paul Holmes (Talk)
Investigating multisensory integration in an osteopathic clinical examination setting Abstract
Jorge E Esteves, John Geake, Charles Spence (Poster)
Multisensory processing in the nematode C. elegans Abstract
Yoshinori Tanizawa, William R Schafer (Poster)
Research on the interaction between the perception of music and flavour Abstract
Kai Bronner, Herbert Bruhn, Rainer Hirt, Dag Piper (Poster)
The combined effect of color and temperature on thermal sensation and subject's gazing behavior Abstract
Akira Gassho, Naoki Matsubara, Hidehiko Sakamoto (Poster)
The relevance of multisensory learning in foreign language learning for adults Abstract
Felicitas Kroeger (Poster)
Pascal Barone, Nikola Todorov Markov, Arnaud Falchier, Colette Dehay, Michel Berland, Pascale Giroud, Henry Kennedy (Poster)