International Multisensory Research Forum


Conference Overview



Objectives & Scope


The aim of the annual meeting is to bring together researchers, clinicians, and students from a variety of disciplines who are interested in issues related to multisensory brain processes. The meeting provides a forum for open discussion of new results, therapies, models, and theories regarding multisensory brain function.


Scientific Program Includes:


5 symposia (see topics below), each consisting of six talks

2 keynote addresses

2 poster sessions

1 graduate students symposium

1 roundtable discussion among symposia chairs


Keynote Addresses


Professor Jon Driver

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, England

"Crossmodal space & crossmodal attention"


Professor Jean-René Duhamel

Institut des Sciences Cognitives, CNRS, Bron, France

"The construction of multisensory space in the primate parietal cortex"


Symposia & chairs


Defining multisensory regions & pathways

Chaired by Charles Schroeder (The Nathan Kline Institute, New York, USA)

Temporal & spatial aspects of multisensory interactions

Chaired by Charles Spence (Oxford University, Oxford, England)

Multisensory facilitation, illusions, & conflicts

Chaired by Alain Berthoz (LPPA - Collège de France, Paris, France)

Development, plasticity, & maintenance of multisensory systems

Chaired by Mark Wallace (Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA)

Graduate Students Symposium

Chaired by Micah Murray (University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland)

Clinical & neurological manifestations of multisensory interactions

Chaired by Theodor Landis (University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland)


The scientific program has the complete list of speakers.


Business Meeting


The IMRF will hold an organizational business meeting at this year's conference on Friday evening, May 24th. Don't miss out on the opportunity to contribute to the organization of the IMRF.




The official language of the meeting and all associated documents is English.




All documents for the annual meeting can be picked up at the welcome desk at the pre-conference reception on Friday, May 24th or at the commencement of the conference on Saturday, May 25th.