International Multisensory Research Forum



Abstract Submission & Poster Specifications


Poster Session Information

All submitted abstracts have been scheduled for poster presentation, unless otherwise notified. In addition, the Organizing Committee has asked all speakers to volunteer to also present their research in poster format in order to facilitate further discussion. 


Please refer to the scientific program, which is downloadable as a pdf document, to know to which panel your poster has been assigned (This is the "poster number"). Be aware that this may change as the program continues to be updated (However, the date of the revision is indicated). At the meeting itself, each panel will be labeled with the poster number as well as the name of the first author. 


All posters are expected to be on display during both poster sessions (see program for times). Since poster sessions will play a major part (4 hours) of the meeting, the first author need not be present for the entire duration of both sessions. However, if possible one of the co-authors should always be present.


Each poster should be complete and self-supporting so that different viewers may read at their leisure and without the need for explanations. Please also bear in mind the multidisciplinary composition of the IMRF, and therefore the different levels of expertise among the meeting's participants. Therefore, please make every effort to keep your points simple, complete, and brief. Whenever possible, avoid excessive text. Images and graphs are often more effective in posters.


Poster Layout


Panels are designed for posters measuring approximately 1.5 meters wide by 1 meter high. We would strongly encourage all posters to be prepared in landscape format. Posters can be attached with Velcro, which will be provided.


Abstract Submission Information


All abstracts must be submitted electronically. Confirmation of receipt will also be sent to the submitting author electronically. Abstracts received after the program has gone to press will not be inlcuded in the hardcopy of the meeting's program. The Organizing Committee will review all submissions and will notify the submitting author of the poster's inclusion or exclusion electronically.


There is no fee for abstract submission. Only people already registered for the meeting are eligible for submitting an abstract.


We would emphasize that presentations should reflect work in progress and need not be a completed study.


Abstract Guidelines

  • Length limit: fit within one A4 size page (4cm margins)

  • Font: arial, 12-point

  • No figures should be included with the abstract

  • 3-5 Keywords should be selected to facilitate poster session programming

  • All abstracts should be comprised of the following 5 separate paragraphs:


2. Complete author names (e.g. Bob Q. Smith)

3. All affiliations (no abbreviations)

4. A list of 3-5 keywords in bold-type

5. Text of abstract

  • Completed abstracts should be e-mailed to Micah Murray, with the subject line reading, "IMRF Abstract Submission". It is preferable to send the abstract as an attachment in Microsoft Word format (PC only). Other acceptable formats include anything which can readily be opened by Microsoft Word 2000. If you are unsure about your file format, please contact Micah Murray prior to February 1st with a test version. Attached files should be named according to the surmane of the first author (e.g. "Murray.doc")